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Lars Windhorst has been an entrepreneur as long as he can remember. He was just six years old, when he started following the stock market and by the time he was fourteen years old Lars Windhorst purchased his first stocks and made his first investment in a global import company that he started from his parents garage.

By traveling to China and buying cheap electronics, Lars Windhorst was able to start his first global company. Within a year he captured the attention of a twenty-seven year old Chinese entrepreneur and the two founded Windhorst Electronics. In Windhorst Electronics’ first year, the company sold over $50 million and Lars Windhorst was named “the Wunderkind of the German economy.”

In order to further nourish his insatiable appetite for business, Helmut Kohl, the former Chancellor of Germany, invited Lars Windhorst on his official business tours of China and Vietnam. This opportunity enabled Lars to deepen his connections to Asia and expand Windhorst Electronics.

By 1995 Windhorst Electronics opened an office in Hong Kong and Lars Windhorst established Windhorst Asia Pacific Holdings Ltd., Windhorst AG and Windhorst Capital Holding GmbH. The companies specialized in financial services that enabled investors to profit from the booming New Economy that Lars Windhorst was so integral in helping establish. When the internet bubble burst in 2001, Lars Windhorst’s businesses went bankrupt and the talented businessman moved on to new endeavors.

Recent Ventures

In 2004, in partnership of a famous South African industrialist family, Lars Windhorst co-founded Sapinda, an investment group. Even though the company was hit hard by the recent financial recession, in May of 2009 Lars Windhorst reorganized Sapinda and co-founded Sapinda Deutschland GmbH to focus on the new economy developing in public and private equity and global debt.

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November 23, 2010 at 9:01 am